Najzanimljivije svetske print reklame [12. avgust – 18. avgust 2013.]


1. Ponto Gym: Look at the size of the problem

Ponto-1-Gym-Problem1 Ponto-1-Gym-Problem2 Ponto-1-Gym-Problem3

Agencija: MP, Vila Velha, Brazil

2. Vancouver Police Foundation: Crows feet, If looks could kill

Vancouver-Police-Foundation-Crows-feet Vancouver-Police-Foundation-If-looks-could-kill

Agencija: DDB, Vancouver, Canada

3. Hopi Hari Theme Park: Become a man

Hopi-Hari-Theme-Park-Become-a-man1 Hopi-Hari-Theme-Park-Become-a-man2

“Become a man before your friends do.”

Agencija: Y&R, Sao Paulo, Brazil

4. KLM: Worldwide Pride Festivals


Fly to the world’s proudest festivals

Agencija: Pool, Stockholm, Sweden

5. 13th Street

13thprint1_aotw 13thprint3_aotw_0

For those who’d rather the unhappily ever after.

Agencija: Miami Ad School


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