Halo 4 – Kako upotrebiti internet na pravi način


Ova mala studija slučaja je savršen primer kako iskoristi društvene mreže za lansiranje novog proizvoda. Mislim da njihova izjava na youtubu sve govori.

” We selected 500,000 of Halo’s diehard fans, sliced the Halo 4 key art into 32 puzzle pieces, and sent them to their inboxes with no explanation—just the art. In just 30 minutes, these fans banded together in online communities to solve the puzzle. Within an hour, the fan-fueled event made front-page news on Kotaku. Then, the story exploded in the blogosphere. And…we did it all for a lot less money than we’d ever be willing to admit.”


Agencija: Wunderman Seattle
Klijent: Halo 4, Xbox, Microsoft
Godina: 2012

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